Avant have established a global distribution network with over 80 countries & regions which continues evolving every single day. In 2018, Avant is opening 3 offices abroad: Chicago, Edinburgh and New Delhi, and will open more in the coming years to serve our customers better.

We are dedicated to maximizing the value of our client’s asset with our experienced consulting & designing, on-site and after-sales service.

Bleachers are the ideal mass seating system typically used in sports fields, arenas, stadiums, schools, conferences, fair, etc. Our bleachers are available in a number of different sizes, including custom built sizes.

When it comes to public seating system, you want to make sure your supplier has a proven track record. Our expertise brings high-quality, safe and reliable seating products along with commitment to customer satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you and ensuring the success of your next project.