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Safety technical requirements for temporary stands and stages

Issuing time:2020-01-06 00:00Author:Avant sports


In recent years, the number of temporary performance activities is increasing, the scale and complexity of temporary stage and stand construction are increasing, and the potential safety hazards are also increasing. According to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations (regulations on the management of commercial performance, detailed rules for the implementation of regulations on the management of commercial performance, regulations on the safety management of large-scale mass activities), in order to ensure the temporary performance construction Safety operation of the venue, promotion of safety education of performance activities, improvement of safety awareness, elimination of potential safety hazards, avoidance of common safety accidents, reduction of accident rate of temporary stage and stand, etc., and safety technical requirements for temporary stage and stand of the venue. This standard provides technical support for the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, and provides basis for the safety supervision of cultural market; It fills in the blank for the safety standards of temporary performance facilities and places in China, lays the foundation for the preparation of safety management standards and safety work standards of temporary performance places, and lays the foundation for the integration of safety standards of temporary stands and performance places with Asian regional standards and international standards.

"Technical requirements for stage safety of temporary grandstand and performance place" is a part of "technical requirements for stage safety of performance place". On the one hand, there are many special safety technical requirements for temporary performance venues, which are different from those for theatres and other general performance venues; on the other hand, there are too many contents and coverage in the technical requirements for safety of performance venues, which is not conducive to the preparation of standards. Therefore, the standard mainly specifies the special safety technical requirements for "temporary construction", including the special safety technical requirements for stage technology, stage machinery, stage lighting and stage sound.

It is understood that the preparation team investigated the production and installation process of temporary stage and stand, sampled and analyzed some domestic and foreign accident cases of temporary stage and stand, summarized practical experience, referred to relevant foreign standards, and prepared the standard on the basis of extensive consultation.

According to the case analysis of safety accidents, the main types of safety accidents are: stage tilt, collapse accident; stand collapse accident; collapse accident of large-scale multimedia video equipment; fire; fall accident of performers and other performance accidents.

According to the relevant laws and regulations, safety precautions are mainly aimed at the safety of people, property, environment or their collection. Personal safety includes personal health and life safety; property safety includes the quality assurance of special performance equipment and facilities; environmental safety includes the protection of natural environment and original facilities from injury; collective safety includes the comprehensive safety caused by personal life, health, special performance equipment and environment. Performance safety belongs to collective safety.

This standard makes corresponding safety technical regulations for common accidents such as tilt, collapse, personnel fall, equipment damage, etc. of stage and grandstand on the standard objects of personal safety, property safety, environmental safety and collective safety.

The safety technical requirements of this standard are essential for the temporary construction, installation, dismantling and performance of the temporary stage and stand. However, the safety technical requirements of this standard cannot replace other safety work such as safety education, preventive measures and safety supervision.

——Cultural standards research center of China Academy of Arts and technology

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