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France Super Cup challenges the leading seats in China again to witness the grand banquet of footbal

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At 20:00 p.m. on August 4, Beijing time, the 2018-19 French Super Cup was contested in the Shenzhen Universiade center. Paris Saint Germain and Monaco, two top French teams, staged a summit match. In the end, Paris Saint Germain won the French Super Cup 4-0 victory over Monaco, and achieved six consecutive titles.


Venue: Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Center Stadium

Although the weather is changeable and hot in summer, 41237 fans flooded into Shenzhen Longgang Universiade center with 60000 seats on August 4, which is satisfactory for the commercial competition held in China.



Football star Neymar is waiting on the bench

As a stand seat supplier of Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Center Stadium, leading sports also arranged staff representatives to provide services at the scene, and was fortunate to see a world-class event with climax.


Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Center Stadium was built in 2011, covering an area of 36600 square meters, with a total construction area of 136000 square meters. It is the main stadium of the 26th Universiade. The stadium is equipped with high, medium and low-level stands, which can accommodate 60000 spectators. All seats adopt leading crystal diamond series, including audience seat, media seat, VIP seat, etc. Since its completion, the crystal diamond seat has experienced the baptism of many competitions and has been tested for 7 years. Its quality remains unchanged and its color remains the same, just like yesterday's new construction.


"Crystal diamond" is an original series of products jointly developed and designed by leading sports and German GMP. Its unique, noble, fashionable and simple diamond shape is in harmony with the architectural style of the whole venue and complements each other. Designers stand in the perspective of the vital interests of customers, after rigorous and repeated tests and tests, make the seat in the machine Maple performance, impact resistance and weather resistance Performance, corrosion resistance, safety, comfort, antistatic, hydrophobic, color stability and other aspects are more outstanding. A series of products - one diamond integrated, diamond folding, diamond sofa (outdoor), diamond VIP, etc., meet the needs of different levels of the whole venue in an all-round way; colorful and unlimited color choices, make people happy; unique cup holders and billboards and other sexual function configuration bring immeasurable commercial value to the venue.

For many years, leading sports has been closely cooperating with large-scale events. In 2008, it was the stand seat supplier of Beijing Olympic Games venues, the exclusive stand seat supplier of 2011 Universiade; in 2016, it became the expansion stand supplier of Carioca, the main venue of Rio Olympic Games; in 2017, it was the stand seat and sports wood floor supplier of Tianjin National Games; in 2018, it was the stand seat supplier of Jakarta Asian Games venues in Indonesia Exclusive supplier of chairs. The choice and trust of large-scale events at home and abroad make leading sports grow rapidly and become more powerful. In the future, we will use more professional quality and high-quality service to give back to you

Brilliant diamond shines the world


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