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Leading sports and contributing to marine environmental protection

Issuing time:2020-01-06 00:00Author:Avant sports

"You are the best in the sea", the annual Shenzhen International Ocean cleaning day arrived as promised! On October 13, the 14th Shenzhen International Marine cleaning day and the first international children's marine festival in 2018 officially opened in Jinsha bay seaside resort, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen.


Nature is the pillar of human survival. Since 1986, the international marine environmental protection organization has designated the third weekend of September as the international marine cleaning day, calling for people to pay attention to marine environmental protection. Shenzhen people living near the sea are very concerned about marine environmental protection. In September 2005, blue ocean was introduced into the project for the first time in China, and the first public welfare activity of Shenzhen International Marine cleaning day was launched. It has been 13 years since then. This activity is also a large-scale environmental protection public welfare activity with the longest preparation time, the widest mobilization department and the largest number of participants.

Mr. Zhou Yunxiang, general manager of Shenzhen Leading Sports Industry Co., Ltd. and President of Shenzhen Blue Ocean Association, delivered a speech and attended the launching ceremony

Born in Shenzhen, blue ocean is the first NGO with the theme of marine environmental protection in China. President Zhou Yunxiang said, "children represent the future of mankind and the future of the ocean. We believe that we should start from ourselves and start from a young age to solve the problems of marine environmental protection and development. To build Shenzhen into a global marine center city, it is necessary to have its own independent marine public welfare brand. The public welfare activity of "International Children's marine Festival" is launched to take Shenzhen as the radiation point, so that children around the world can take action and take care of the beautiful ocean together. "

The theme of this year's Shenzhen International Marine cleaning day and the first international children's marine Festival is "one world one ocean, one ocean". At the activity site, science and entertainment are integrated through various forms such as ocean cinema, ocean stem science show, British ocean culture exhibition, ocean voice art performance, etc., so that children can perceive and learn the ocean in a more three-dimensional way, and then fear and love the ocean.

Children do well, and big friends do well. Under the leadership of Mr. Zhou Yunxiang, general manager of Shenzhen leading sports, all staff of leading sports will spontaneously participate in the "clean beach" activity organized by Shenzhen Marine Protection Association every year, contributing their own strength to the cause of marine environmental protection, this year is no exception.

China is not only a big land country, but also a big ocean country. All along, the development of ocean cause plays a very important role in the overall development strategy of China. After years of development, China's marine industry has basically entered the best period of development in history. These achievements have laid a solid foundation for us to build a maritime power.


The future of the ocean is our future! Don't take evil as small, don't take good as small! Leading sports has been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings for many years, showing the sense of social responsibility of large enterprises. In the future, we will continue our environmental protection undertakings and protect the beautiful earth with practical actions.

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