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Leading sports from assembly stand to assembly Gymnasium

Issuing time:2020-01-06 00:00Author:Avant sports

After the technical training of numerous large-scale projects at home and abroad, the deepening of research by scientific and technological personnel, and the feedback from market users, Shenzhen leading sports decided to promote the development of new practical product assembly gymnasium based on the assembly stand

With the continuous development of domestic prefabricated buildings and multi-functional stadiums, there has been a trend in the domestic sports market - prefabricated multi-functional stadiums. However, due to the technology is not mature enough, the manufacturers who can develop prefabricated stadiums are rare in China.

And the leading sports rely on the construction of large-scale sports projects at home and abroad to continuously accumulate advanced technology. First, we took the lead in making assembly metal structure stands in China since 2000, and made the assembly metal structure stands the world's large-scale competition stage, such as 60000 seat Korean F1, Malaysia's formula racing project, Shenzhen World University Games.

In addition, this year's leading sports in the world's sports market is growing deeper and deeper. By listening to the voice and feedback of the market, through strict market research and careful decision of the company, we have developed the future mainstream product of the sports market assembly multi-functional stadium. The multifunctional gymnasium, which can be used in basketball court, ice court, table tennis, badminton, conference room, singing and dancing performance hall and other multifunctional venues, has been put into the market officially, and there are related projects under construction, so you can see the real face of coming to Lushan soon

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