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The utilization of 4 / 4 accessory space in the design of multifunctional Gymnasium

Issuing time:2020-01-06 00:00Author:Avant sports

Auxiliary use space design

1. Make use of invalid space and increase usable area

According to the architectural design code, the building space with storey height less than 2.2 does not meet the use requirements, which belongs to "invalid space". In the design of stadiums and gymnasiums, stands are a very important part. This part of building space will inevitably produce triangle invalid space due to the inclination of floor slab. According to statistics, this part of space can waste 5% of the whole venue area if it can be used. There are two ways to use it:

(1) Increase the height of the first row

The height of the stand on the first floor shall be increased by more than 2.5m, so that the space under it can meet the requirements of the specification. At this time, the height of the entrance and exit of the sports ground can also be satisfied, avoiding the loss of the best way of sitting chair in the design of the grandstand.

(2) Design building

Generally, the building can be set at more than two floors, so that the invalid space under the grandstand can also be reused, but this practice has a great impact on the vision of the rear row audience. In the actual design, we should take full account of the angle of view in combination with the total number of seats.

2. Classification auxiliary space. Increase resilience

The auxiliary space function of the stadium is complex, different space characteristics and use functions lead to a large amount of design tasks. Designers can classify spaces with different functions and similar flexibility, and make large-scale planning in design. In the multi-functional operation after the games, the auxiliary rooms of the same category can be used comprehensively to improve the utilization rate of venues.

According to the flexible level, the auxiliary space can be divided into three types: immutable space, semi variable space and variable space. Among them, the semi variable space, including the room for news and communication, the rest room for journalists, the dressing room for athletes and so on, can be designed centrally. After the game, it can be used as the management room or the backstage dressing room to maximize the use of resources.

With the development of physical fitness in China, the construction of gymnasium is in full swing. In response to the call of energy conservation and emission reduction, the construction of multifunctional gymnasium must be put on the agenda.

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